I Want What She’s Wearing: July Bloggers Edition

Have you ever experienced love at first Instagram sight? Us too. We’re forever crushing hard on bloggers’ outfits. Here are 8 of our favorite blogger muses and what they’re currently loving this Summer!

Grey Layers in Satin Bomber Jacket

@THEGREYLAYERS wearing the satin bomber jacket with a basic white top, frayed denim shorts, and white lace-up sneakers for the perfect off-duty outfit.

JEANNE’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Solid one pieces, vintage jeans, and white sneakers

JEANNE’S SUMMER LIKES: Street food fairs, traveling the world, BBQs, hoops, and getting ice cream with the family

Jasmine Sky in Lace-Up Cropped Tank

@_JASMINESKY hanging out in the lace-up cropped tank and black high-waisted shorts for those hot Summer days.

JASMINE’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Flowy white pieces for that tan and denim shorts

JASMINE’S SUMMER LIKES: beach, adventures, new restaurants, and music festivals with friends

Teresuch in Embroidered Off-The-Shoulder Top

@TERESUCH spending a Summer day in this white embroidered off-the-shoulder top and destroyed boyfriend jeans

TERESA’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: platform sandals and espadrilles

TERESA’S SUMMER LIKES: going to the pool and eating with my friends and family

Amy Vagabond Youth in Silky Flowy Top

@AMYVAGABONDD slaying in a silky flowy top, mom jeans, and leather jacket for those cooler Summer days. Add a black choker necklace for the perfect finish.

AMY’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Vintage denim shorts, a rad pair of sunnies, and an easy-on-the-go shoulder bags

AMY’S SUMMER LIKES: being at the beach and in the water!

XOFASHIONICA in Netted Cut Out Top

@XOFASHIONICA hanging poolside all Summer ’16 in this netted cut out top thrown over her bikini. Mirrored sunglasses and wide brim hat required, of course.

NICA’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: large wide brim hat, a whimsical pair of sunnies, and a simple yet significant all white fit.

NICA’S SUMMER LIKES: laying poolside with good friends while sipping on some nice cold boba!

Kylie Watkinds in Rib Knit Lace-Up Bodysuit

@KYLIE_WATKINS showing us how to give off-duty vibes in the lightly rib knit lace-up bodysuit and destroyed high-waisted shorts. 

KYLIE’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Flowy white pieces for that tan and denim shorts

KYLIE’S SUMMER LIKES: beach, adventures, new restaurants, and music festivals with friends

Iva Nikolina in Knit Racerback Tank

@IVANIKOLINA kills it in the classic white tank and denim skinny jeans combination for a cool Summer day. Statement pieces like an oversized bag or lace-up heels complete the outfit.

IVA’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: aviators, denim shorts, and gladiators!

IVA’S SUMMER LIKES: going to the beach with my boyfriend and enjoying nice food! 

Emily Luciano in Rose Jacket

@EMILY_LUCIANO does weekend wear right in a long rose jacket, white top, skinny jeans, and neutral strappy heels. Forever throwing on a pair of fun mirrored sunnglasses to complete the look. 

EMILY’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS:  the perfect pair of sunnies, a cute satchel purse & white sneakers.

EMILY’S SUMMER LIKES:s relaxing on a patio with friends for dinner & going on road trips on a sunny day to the beach.

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How To: Style a Bomber Jacket from Day to Night

We can’t deny it. We have a bomber jacket obsession. They’re this Summer’s must-have outerwear to throw on any outfit. While this seems like a case of “easier said than done,” our favorite celebrity style muses keep showing us how simple it is. Here are 4 of our favorite celebs to prove that anyone can incorporate bomber jackets from day to night.


Take a bomber jacket from day to night like Gigi Hadid

If there is anyone who can prove that you’re able to wear a bomber jacket with anything, it’s queen Gigi Hadid and her ability to wear them everywhere she goes. Literally. Want to run errands after the gym like Gigi? Throw on a cropped bomber jacket and mirrored sunglasses for a flawless athleisure outfit. Then, own the night with a satin slip dress and a bomber jacket for girls’ night out. We love giving that “feminine but edgy” feel to an outfit. Plus, it gives us an excuse to get a flattering slip dress in every color, right? #GIGITAUGHTME


Style a bomber jacket like Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin wore a little black dress and bomber jacket so we bought a little black dress and bomber jacket. Okay, we know she’s not a mean girl but we love her spin of making it a black dress a casual outfit by throwing on a pair of black lace-up sneakers and an oversized bomber jacket. You could also throw on a pair of black pumps to this outfit and be ready for a night out on the town. We’re into that effortless look. If you love a cute matching set, throw on a pair of satin shorts and matching satin bomber jacket for a well-put together outfit for a Saturday night like Hailey.


Kylie Jenner in Bomber Jacket
There’s no denying that Kylie Jenner’s outfits always give us life. She does off duty flawlessly in her basic black leggings and mirrored sunglasses. It’s easy to throw on a bomber jacket to this look for a casual day off outfit. Going out with the girls that night? Match your bomber jacket with your slip dress to look timeless wherever you girls go!


Kourtney Kardashian in bomber jacket inspo

When we grow up, we want to be like Kourtney Kardashian in her bomber jackets. Who’s with us? We love this hot mom’s airport style in an oversized bomber jacket and a cute baseball cap. This outfit screams comfortable but put together for a day of flying. Want to upgrade that cut-off shorts and black bodysuit outfit for nighttime? Throw on a satin bomber jacket and over the knee boots to hit the bars. Add a black choker for the final touch. 



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3 Ways To Wear Denim Off-Duty

What a time to be alive for denim! But let’s be real – it’s always a good time for denim. Whatever the season, we love incorporating it into our outfits for off-duty days. So are you ready to start wearing them all the time? From day to night, here are three celeb-approved ways to look off-duty for the weekend with the right denim pieces.


Kendall Jenner in Over the Knee Boots

A Summer wardrobe is never complete without a few pairs of essential high-waisted shorts and assortment of white tees. It’s so easy to throw on this outfit with a pair of shoes to stay cool and comfortable. Denim typically equals casual but why not take it up a notch with a pair of over the knee heeled sandals? Replace those OTK boots you miss so much from Spring to these OTK heels for a night out like Kendall Jenner. It makes a statement without saying one word. For cool Summer days, we love throwing on an oversized bomber jacket and cute crossbody bag with this outfit. Now the only thing left to wonder is where to go? Trick question, the answer is everywhere on a Saturday night.


Kourtney Kardashian in Denim Outfit

While we didn’t get destroyed denim inspo from our moms, we got it from this hot mom. Kourtney Kardashian gives us life in a pair of torn up jeans and nude bodysuit for the Summer. There’s no tucking in needed with a good basic bodysuit. Matching tan heels and choker necklaces are definitely a must to pull this whole look together. You can wear this look out for lunch or dinner because it literally takes you from day to night. 


Ashley Benson in Denim Outfit
Weekends are meant for doing nothing and hanging out at home. 
Hair tied, chilling with no make-up on? Yes, please. So we love throwing on denim on denim for a quick coffee or errand run. Ashley Benson does it right with a cropped denim shirt and frayed denim shorts. Cover that Summer shade with a pair of oversized black sunglasses because what if someone sees you catching Pokemon on the way to get coffee? Just Kidding. But for reals, wear lace-up sneakers just in case. #GOTTACATCHTHEMALL


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4 Instagram-worthy Hangouts in Arts District Los Angeles

There’s no better way to spend the weekend in downtown LA than hanging out and exploring Arts District. Like wise women say – were you ever really there if you didn’t Instagram it? Well, that’s why we rounded up our 4 favorite Instagram-worthy hangouts in Arts District to make your feed (and stomaches) extremely satisfied.


Zinc Cafe Downtown LA - Hypefeast
Photo Credit: Hypefeast
You know that place where everyone knows your name? No, we’re not talking about Cheers but that’s exactly how we feel about Zinc Cafe in Downtown LA. This cafe has the best of both worlds with a restaurant and marketplace in one place. This is the definite blogger spot for brunch on the weekends. Whether you order the omelet or avocado toast, you’ll want to come back for more. We’re avid fans of the marketplace for lunch to customize your plate and do as you desire with all their yummy sides. Overwhelmed with the options? Make sure to start with the mushroom rice. We promise you won’t regret it.


The Pie Hole Downtown LA
Photo Credit: Warby Parker
Where our are coffee lovers at? Meet your new soul mate – The Pie Hole. Grab a coffee and a piece of pie as they are a match made in heaven at this pie shop. We promise these pies aren’t just aesthetically-pleasing. From hand pies for breakfast to Mexican chocolate pie for a treat, you will want to try them all. Make sure to upload your picture to the ‘gram and snapchat it because chances are your friends will suffer from a case of pie FOMO. The best part? Their menus change according to the season so be on the look out for the pumpkin pie during the Fall!


Arts District Brewery Company
Although the Arts District Brewery Co. is the new kid on the block, it’s definitely one of our new favorite places to hang out, grab a beer, and play some skeeball. For the beer drinkers out there, there are all types of beers from light ales to IPAs. Not a fan of beers? No worries. They have a full stocked bar AND a place to eat tater tots amongst other yummy bites. We repeat, TATER TOTS. There’s also these fancy neon signs filled with wisdom that are definitely worth an Instagram post. If you’re into the skeeball, they do have team tournaments to join. So what are you waiting for?! Let’s play ball!


Daily Dose Cafe
This alley way is our favorite home away from home spot in this fast-paced concrete jungle. Hidden in deep Arts District, the twinkling lights set the mood in Daily Dose Cafe for the best food and coffee experience. If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’ll love their signature buena vista whether it’s iced of hot. They do have amazing iced teas for those hot Summer days. Their meals are definitely mouthwatering and instagram-able. Don’t believe us? Follow them on Instagram (@dailydosecafe) for their killer shots of the food they make! They know what it takes for the perfect Instagram shot so they’re the kind of company we love to keep:)

Instagram-worthy Outfit Pieces:

What’s your favorite hangout in Arts District? Comment Below!

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4th of July Sale: 40% Off All Weekend Long!

Happy birthday, America! Let the fireworks begin because we’re taking off 40% off all weekend long. Use code: FIREWORKS at checkout to apply the discount. What are you waiting for?! Shop the 4th of July Sale.


4th Of July Sale

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I Want What She’s Wearing: June Bloggers Edition

Don’t you wish everything you liked on Instagram magically appeared in your closet? While, we haven’t made that a possibility yet (#workingonit), we thought we’d break down our favorite blogger outfit goals for the month.


A photo posted by @ch.phr8ph on Jun 23, 2016 at 6:45am PDT

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsBlogger @CH.PHR8PH remind us how to kill it in our distressed BF Jeans and floral lace bralette. Try this classic look and mix it with a thick black choker and white button-up top that works for all seasons. We call that a win.

A photo posted by Tasha Farsaci (@fiercelytasha) on May 24, 2016 at 2:22pm PDT


The weather is so breezy. Why can’t life always be this easy? Living the fierce life with @FiercelyTasha in a lightweight bomber jacket and pair of cut off shorts for those cool Summer days. Perfect for off-duty days when you want to look bomb-er.

A photo posted by Vivian V. (@viviannn_v) on Jun 17, 2016 at 5:59pm PDT

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js@Viviannn_v giving us serious #TGIF vibes in her strappy crop top and destroyed boyfriend jeans. Swap that little black dress for this outfit and go out bar-hopping with the girls.

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsKeep cool this Summer like @TheGreyLayers in a cami midi dress and a pair of lace-up sneakers. The best part? It can be dressed up as well. Switch the sneakers for a pair of lace-up heels for date night.


Heatwaves in the Summertime call for boyfriend shorts. @Jennalyyyy does off-duty right in these destroyed boyfriend shorts and crop top. Wear this look to your next music festival or to head to the beach! #allwavybaby

A photo posted by DANNI GO (@danneigh) on Jun 9, 2016 at 2:07pm PDT


This is for all our monochromatic lovers out there! Keep it simple and easy like blogger @danneigh in a striped slip dress that can be dressed up or down for the weekend. Stay casual by throwing on a classic denim jacket or wear it to brunch with a pair of strappy heels

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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe Like These Celeb Style Muses

Summer has officially hit so of course we have to refresh our wardrobe along with it! We’re not talking about the typical tank tops and flip flops. We know you have that covered. We’re talking about the statement-making pieces to throw on with those. Don’t panic. Here are 5 Summer essentials from our favorite celebrity style muses. 

The Satin Slip Dress:

Slip dresses are the new little black dresses. Basically, it’s a must-have this Summer. From Kylie Jenner to Selena Gomez, these romantic slip dresses are hitting everywhere from the red carpet to the streets. Wear this flowy dress with a pair of lace-up heels for date night. Add a lightweight bomber jacket, like Kylie Jenner, for some edge. For a daytime look, add a pair of black booties and lightweight knit cardigan (if needed) instead. 

The Patched Up Denim Jacket:

Upgrade your classic denim jacket with fun pins and patches. Have fun with it this Summer and throw it over everything. Try wearing it over your going out jumpsuit, like Rihanna, or over a pair of denim shorts and basic crop top for off-duty days. Plus, you really get to show your personality with your patched up denim jacket. #TBT to those girl scout earning badge days but a lot cooler, of course.

The Classic White Button-Up Shirt:

There’s a few pieces from you closet that works year-round and a classic white button-up shirt is definitely one of the  most important. Our favorite thing about this piece is you can wear it so many ways! Keep cool, like Vanessa Hudgens, in a pair of denim short shorts and lightweight button-up shirt for those hot Summer days. You can also tie this top up with a
a romantic lacey bralette and wear high waisted shorts for a more playful look.

The Black Lace-Up Bodysuit:

The lace-up bodysuit trend has now become a lifestyle for us. It’s everywhere. Although wearing a long sleeve top is so out of the question right now, opt it out for a tank lace-up bodysuit instead. We’re into styling it, like model crush Gigi Hadid, with a frayed denim shorts and a long sleeveless jacket. #GIGITAUGHTME

The Denim Overalls:

We’re still kids at heart and while we refuse to wear our bows in our hair, we will never stop wearing shortalls for the Summer. Stay forever young, like Kendall Jenner, in a pair of cute denim shortalls and white crop top this season. Throw on a lace crop top under and a pair of heeled booties for the perfect brunch outfit with the girls!


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4 Brunch Cocktails To Make This Weekend

We’ll take any excuse to get brunch on the weekend but what about making brunch at home with your girls instead? Tell them you have the drinks covered because we got you. Here are some tasty (and Instagram-worthy!) brunch cocktails that will make you the life of the brunch. 

For The Rosé Lovers:

Rose Slushy Cocktail Recipe

If this drink doesn’t scream Summer, then we don’t know what does. We’re all about “rosé all day” but it’s definitely so much better as a slushy. Bring us back to our 7Eleven days with some serious splash of class. Just kidding (sort of). Get your girls together and make this quick easy drink over some amazing avocado toast and hashbrowns! Here’s that good rose brunch drink recipe. Be prepared to be making this often.


For The Fruit Lovers:

Fruity Sangria Cocktail Recipe

Wine is made out of fruit therefore it’s healthy, right? We wish. But making a fruity and refreshing sangria will definitely make us feel better about this not being true. Celebrate the beginning of Summer and impress your girls by making this Sangria for brunch! Even take it past Brunch and make these all Summer long. Get bonus points if you buy fun straws for it too. Makes it that much more Instagram-able!


For The Popsicle Lovers:

Prosecco Popsicle Cocktail Recipe

If you follow someone who lives in New York on Instagram, there’s a high chance you’ve seen these drinks on your feed! Originated from the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar, these yummy drinks are a must for the Summer. Don’t live in New York? Make them at home with this popsicle cocktail recipe! It’ll have you singing, “Summer, summer, summertime!” like Will Smith or is that just us? Either way, must make it ASAP.


For The Champagne Lovers:

Fizzy Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Where are our mimosa brunch lovers at?! This strawberry mimosa drink recipe is made for you. Ditch the orange juice and try Strawberry cream for the Summer instead. Because, who doesn’t love cute pink drinks? Cheers with your girls and this drink to satisfy all your sweet cravings! Without the calories of a chocolate cake. #WINNING


Our Favorite Brunch Outfit Pieces:

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How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celeb BFFs

Best friends don’t let best friends wear bad outfits. While celebrity BFFs (ahem, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid) kill it with their style individually, there’s nothing like best friends that compliment each other’s outfits…
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