Going Back to School: Vlogger Michelle Reed Style

School is now back in session and we decided to have one of our favorites, Michelle Reed, teach us how to conquer this school year in style. Get to know Michelle a little better with these back to school questions and style picks. Don’t forget to watch her youtube channel to get the best outfit inspiration all year round!

Michelle Reed Back To School Style

Michelle Reed in the Comfy Culotte Jumpsuit

Go To School Outfit: Oversized T-Shirt dress & my all white high-top Converse

Go to Study Snacks: Apple slices + peanut butter :) 

Michelle Reed in Lace-Up Top

Michelle Reed in Lace Back Oversized Tee Dress

Study Playlist: Cage the Elephant, The Lumineers, Max Frost, & HONNE. My current favorite song is “Alive” by Khai! 

Michelle Reed Back To School Style

Michelle Reed in Open Front 3/4 Jacket

What are you looking forward to the most this school year? New beginnings! I begin my freshman year of college + a new chapter of my life in NYC, so I can’t wait to start fresh and meet new people. 

Michelle’s Back To School Picks:

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Going Back to School: Vlogger Fiercely Tasha Style

Ready to take the school year with full fierce?! Tasha Farsaci (known as @fiercelytasha!) is teaching us on how to go back to school, west coast style. Take a look at what she has to say about going back to school and her favorite pieces. Don’t forget to check out her youtube channel with lots of hauls, lookbooks, and how to survive college for inspiration all year-round!

Fiercely Tasha Back to School Style

Tasha in the Red Floral Romper

Go To School Outfit: Ripped skinny jeans and some sort of loose top. Oh, and rompers! I noticed I wear a lot of those🙂

Go to Study Snacks: Cookie butter, popcorn, fruit

Fiercely Tasha Back To School Style

Tasha in Hazy Dyed Romper

Study Playlist: Boss by Disclosure

Fiercely Tasha in Bomber Jacket

Tasha in the Floral Embroidery Reversible Jacket

What are you looking forward to the most this school year? Meeting new people!  I’m starting as a transfer student at USC and I can’t wait to start fresh.

Tasha’s Back To School Picks:

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3 Types of Jeans to Nail Your Fall Outfits Every Time

Sometimes all you need is the right pair of jeans to make a statement. This Fall, it’s time to try all styles from boyfriend to skinny. Here’s 3 types of jeans to nail your Fall outfit every time.


Boyfriend Jeans Celebrity Style Inspo

You don’t need to be in a relationship to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans. Rock these destroyed denim jeans, like model Hailey Baldwin, with a lightweight black bomber jacket and classic pumps for this Fall transition. For those hot Summer days that are coming to an end, find us like Gigi Hadid in a cute tank bodysuit and lace-up sandals. We love that boyfriend jeans can be dressed up or down for whatever the occasion.



Overalls Celebrity Style Inspiration

We have a confession and it’s that we are still kids at heart. We ALSO love that cute denim overalls still bring it out of us! Style these one-pieces with a pair of black strappy heels and turtleneck top for the perfect feminine touch, like Kylie Jenner. For dinner with the girls, wear destroyed denim overalls, black booties, and simple black tank, like Olivia Culpo, because you’re out to play. However you style them, make sure to have fun in them like the kid in you would want you to!



Classic Jeans Celebrity Style Inspiration

Like red lipstick, we can never get enough of a classic pair of skinny jeans. Invest in a good pair of these jeans to wear everywhere, from the beach with friends to date night with your guy! Style them, like Kendall Jenner, with a pair of black booties and mirrored sunnies for a day out. Want something more feminine? Wear a frilly off the shoulder top and cute heeled sandals, like model Jourdan Dunn, to meet for lunch date! This casual piece will always come in handy in your closet!

Need more celebrity style inspiration?

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3 Celeb-Approved Accessories to Complete Your Outfit

Whoever said less is more, never saw these celeb-approved accessories. Sometimes all you need a choker or backpack to complete your outfit. Here’s some serious celebrity style muse inspo on some accessories you need to incorporate into your outfits right now.


Celebrity Choker Style Inspiration

 We know we have a problem but we can’t stop obsessing over the choker trend right now. From slip dresses to graphic t-shirts, this 90’s classic accessory is a must to add to any outfit. Add some bling to your going out outfit with a gem choker necklace like Kendall Jenner. Need something a little more discreet for your everyday outfit? Throw on a simple velvet choker like Kim Kardashian for every outfit. If you want to step it up a notch, layer on some dainty necklaces to the outfit as well!



Baseball Hat Celebrity Inspiration

 Off-duty should always call for baseball caps. They’re the perfect excuse to throw one on! Sometimes it covers a bad hair day or the perfect “do not distrub” look on the way to the gym or airport. We also love throwing some edge to a silky slip dress like Rihanna with a baseball cap. Add a pair of cute sunglasses for those no make-up days too. This combination is the perfect fix!



Backpack Celebrity Style Inspiration
We’d like to think that Mary Poppins had the right idea when she had everything in her bag, but we’d rather carry it in our cute backpack like Dora the Explorer. Okay, enough with the kid references but this take us back to our elementary school days except with style. Swap out your typical purse and throw all your essentials in your mini backpack instead to complete your outfit. You can wear this with a jeans and t-shirt or day dress for an adventure!

Need more celebrity style inspiration?

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3 Essential Back To School Outfits Under $100

We’re going, going, back, back, to school, school. While Summer is slowly coming to an end, back to school shopping is the only thing that give us life around this time. We know that the goal is not to break the bank so here are 3 essential back to school outfits that are under $100.


Destroyed Shorts Back to School Outfit 

Although school may now be back in session, it doesn’t mean that Summer heat has gone just yet. Keep cool in a classic white t-shirt and a pair of distressed high-waisted shorts. Too plain for your grand entrance this school year? Show off your new pair of cute ankle booties and thick velvet choker that you’ll wear all year long. That’s what we think Kendall Jenner would do and let’s face it- she knows best. #WWKJD



boyfriend jeans outfit

We did a lot here to live this here destroyed boyfriend jeans lifestyle. Spend the new school year comfy (but still on point!) in a pair of boyfriend jeans and strappy black t-shirt. Remember those cute lace-up flats you bought in Spring? Throw those on and a mesh choker for the right feminine touch to this outfit. We love this look with a cute top knot that will have you looking top notch! #GETITGIRRRRL



Plaid Outfit
We’re all guilty of hitting the snooze button too many times and that’s where this plaid outfit comes in to save the day! This plaid shirt dress can also be worn as an oversized shirt. Add a pair of leggings for the upcoming Fall chill. Grab your lace-up ankle boots and mini backpack to throw on quickly to make it to class on time. Bonus points if you have time to throw on some jewelry too! Ready, set, go! #BEATTHECLOCK


 What’s your go-to school outfit? Comment below!

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5 Killer Kylie Jenner Outfits to Recreate Now

Happy birthday to one of our favorite Leo celebrity style muses, Kylie Jenner! While she is always make-up goals, she’s also posts killer outfits on her Instagram that we often screenshot and plan to recreate many times. We do admit it was hard to narrow down our favorites but here are 5 Kylie-inspired outfits to start wearing right now.


Kylie Jenner in Destroyed Denim Jacket

Heading out for lunch with girlfriends? A Kylie Jenner inspired outfit always starts with a cute bodycon dress. Although these dresses can be worn from day to night, do it like Kylie and throw on a distressed denim jacket for the daytime. Keep this outfit simple and slide on a pair of lace-up booties and you’re all set to go!


Kylie Jenner Basic Leggings Outfit

Just because you’re heading to the gym or running errands, doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute while doing those things. Throw on a pair of simple high-waisted black leggings and white tee for a clean look. Don’t forget to wear a pair of mirrored shades for those non-make up days we sometimes need! 


Kylie Jenner Coachella Outfit
Sometimes all you need is one piece to make a statement and Kylie has the right idea with a cute choker necklace. We love wearing a statement piece with a classic white tee and distressed high-waisted shorts. The best part is you can wear this outfit anywhere from a music festival (like Kylie Jenner with a fun wig!) or sunday funday with friends.


Kylie Jenner Slip Dress
We love a good slip dress like Kylie Jenner, but even more when we can throw on a matching satin bomber jacket with it. It’s an easy one and done look that will have all eyes on you during date night!


Kylie Jenner Destroyed Tee

Tired of the simple white tee and black jeans look? We get like that sometimes too. Upgrade that look with a destroyed white tee and knee slit skinny jeans. It definitely throws an edgier vibe that Kylie forever carries with her looks. Black booties always required, of course.



Which outfit will you recreate? Tell us in the comments below!

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5 Must-Have Shoes to Take You Through the Week

Stuck on what to wear this week? Start with your shoes. We’ve rounded up 5 types of shoes to make your week go effortlessly on point. Everything from leather ankle booties to suede strappy heels, here are different types of looks to save you time.


leather mules
Mondays should go so effortlessly after a fun weekend. Slide right in a pair of mules. No tying or straps required. Pair with everything from your cute floral dress for that heatwave to a pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans and destroyed basic tee for cooler days.



Leather Ankle Booties
It’s finally time to take the week by storm and you need a pair of good ankle boots to help you do that. Throw on these boots it with a pair of destroyed high-waisted shorts and flowy top to take you through the day. We promise they work for all seasons too. #WINNING



Black Suede Heels
Cute shoes are meant to be worn for Wine Wednesday with the girls. Take your cute basic tee and essential skinny jeans to another level with a pair of these shoes. They can be worn from day to night and definitely need to make another cameo during the weekend!



Nude Block Heels
Save your fun heels for the weekend and wear a pair of classic block heels you can always count on during the week. Show off that cute pedicure in these pair for the Summer. Definitely goes with everything from your work outfit to a pair of destroyed bermuda shorts.



black lace-up heels
We saved the best for last and the day you’ve been looking forward to all week! Throw on those strappy platform heels because you’re going out. Pair these shoes with your favorite one pieces – rompers, jumpsuits, and little black dresses! Also dancing is a must in these shoes.


Which is your favorite? Comment below!


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4 Model Off-Duty Looks to Wear This Weekend

Struggling on what to wear this weekend? From running errands to hanging out with friends, we have every off-duty outfit to cover your weekend inspired by our favorite top models. Hailey, Kendall, Gigi, and Bella – the gang’s all here!


Hailey Baldwin Lace-Up Tee


Need to run some errands without looking bummy? Steal Hailey Baldwin’s style with this comfortable look. Throw up your hair and wear a lace-up tunic top with a pair of shorts to go. This also calls for lace-up sneakers and a cute black crossbody bag. Remember to wear a nude lipstick and mascara because you never know who you’ll see at the grocery store!



Bella Hadid in Black Bodysuit and Denim Skirt

The goal this Summer is to stay cool through all these heatwaves. Wear an essential tank bodysuit and destroyed denim skirt like Bella Hadid for a well put together but cool (literally) outfit. Don’t forget those mirrored sunnies for that shade!



Gigi Hadid in Beige Jumpsuit
We have one goal for the weekend – be crazy, comfy, cool. A lounge jumpsuit like Gigi Hadid might just be the way to achieve it. Throw on a pair of lace-up heels and classic sunglasses to dress it up. The best part is you can take this look from day to night!



Kendall Jenner in off the shoulder top
We all have a go-to uniform outfit for the weekend and we promise this needs to be your new go-to look. Do like Kendall and wear an off-the-shoulder top with a pair of high-waisted jeans and classic ankle boots. This is best for cool Summer days and great for that Fall transition.

 Want more celebrity style outfit inspiration?

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I Want What She’s Wearing: July Bloggers Edition

Have you ever experienced love at first Instagram sight? Us too. We’re forever crushing hard on bloggers’ outfits. Here are 8 of our favorite blogger muses and what they’re currently loving this Summer!

Grey Layers in Satin Bomber Jacket

@THEGREYLAYERS wearing the satin bomber jacket with a basic white top, frayed denim shorts, and white lace-up sneakers for the perfect off-duty outfit.

JEANNE’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Solid one pieces, vintage jeans, and white sneakers

JEANNE’S SUMMER LIKES: Street food fairs, traveling the world, BBQs, hoops, and getting ice cream with the family

Jasmine Sky in Lace-Up Cropped Tank

@_JASMINESKY hanging out in the lace-up cropped tank and black high-waisted shorts for those hot Summer days.

JASMINE’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Flowy white pieces for that tan and denim shorts

JASMINE’S SUMMER LIKES: beach, adventures, new restaurants, and music festivals with friends

Teresuch in Embroidered Off-The-Shoulder Top

@TERESUCH spending a Summer day in this white embroidered off-the-shoulder top and destroyed boyfriend jeans

TERESA’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: platform sandals and espadrilles

TERESA’S SUMMER LIKES: going to the pool and eating with my friends and family

Amy Vagabond Youth in Silky Flowy Top

@AMYVAGABONDD slaying in a silky flowy top, mom jeans, and leather jacket for those cooler Summer days. Add a black choker necklace for the perfect finish.

AMY’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Vintage denim shorts, a rad pair of sunnies, and an easy-on-the-go shoulder bags

AMY’S SUMMER LIKES: being at the beach and in the water!

XOFASHIONICA in Netted Cut Out Top

@XOFASHIONICA hanging poolside all Summer ’16 in this netted cut out top thrown over her bikini. Mirrored sunglasses and wide brim hat required, of course.

NICA’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: large wide brim hat, a whimsical pair of sunnies, and a simple yet significant all white fit.

NICA’S SUMMER LIKES: laying poolside with good friends while sipping on some nice cold boba!

Kylie Watkinds in Rib Knit Lace-Up Bodysuit

@KYLIE_WATKINS showing us how to give off-duty vibes in the lightly rib knit lace-up bodysuit and destroyed high-waisted shorts. 

KYLIE’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Flowy white pieces for that tan and denim shorts

KYLIE’S SUMMER LIKES: beach, adventures, new restaurants, and music festivals with friends

Iva Nikolina in Knit Racerback Tank

@IVANIKOLINA kills it in the classic white tank and denim skinny jeans combination for a cool Summer day. Statement pieces like an oversized bag or lace-up heels complete the outfit.

IVA’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS: aviators, denim shorts, and gladiators!

IVA’S SUMMER LIKES: going to the beach with my boyfriend and enjoying nice food! 

Emily Luciano in Rose Jacket

@EMILY_LUCIANO does weekend wear right in a long rose jacket, white top, skinny jeans, and neutral strappy heels. Forever throwing on a pair of fun mirrored sunnglasses to complete the look. 

EMILY’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS:  the perfect pair of sunnies, a cute satchel purse & white sneakers.

EMILY’S SUMMER LIKES:s relaxing on a patio with friends for dinner & going on road trips on a sunny day to the beach.

How do you style your 2020AVE pieces? Tag us @2020AVE for a chance to be featured on our social!

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How To: Style a Bomber Jacket from Day to Night

We can’t deny it. We have a bomber jacket obsession. They’re this Summer’s must-have outerwear to throw on any outfit. While this seems like a case of “easier said than done,” our favorite celebrity style muses keep showing us how simple it is. Here are 4 of our favorite celebs to prove that anyone can incorporate bomber jackets from day to night.


Take a bomber jacket from day to night like Gigi Hadid

If there is anyone who can prove that you’re able to wear a bomber jacket with anything, it’s queen Gigi Hadid and her ability to wear them everywhere she goes. Literally. Want to run errands after the gym like Gigi? Throw on a cropped bomber jacket and mirrored sunglasses for a flawless athleisure outfit. Then, own the night with a satin slip dress and a bomber jacket for girls’ night out. We love giving that “feminine but edgy” feel to an outfit. Plus, it gives us an excuse to get a flattering slip dress in every color, right? #GIGITAUGHTME


Style a bomber jacket like Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin wore a little black dress and bomber jacket so we bought a little black dress and bomber jacket. Okay, we know she’s not a mean girl but we love her spin of making it a black dress a casual outfit by throwing on a pair of black lace-up sneakers and an oversized bomber jacket. You could also throw on a pair of black pumps to this outfit and be ready for a night out on the town. We’re into that effortless look. If you love a cute matching set, throw on a pair of satin shorts and matching satin bomber jacket for a well-put together outfit for a Saturday night like Hailey.


Kylie Jenner in Bomber Jacket
There’s no denying that Kylie Jenner’s outfits always give us life. She does off duty flawlessly in her basic black leggings and mirrored sunglasses. It’s easy to throw on a bomber jacket to this look for a casual day off outfit. Going out with the girls that night? Match your bomber jacket with your slip dress to look timeless wherever you girls go!


Kourtney Kardashian in bomber jacket inspo

When we grow up, we want to be like Kourtney Kardashian in her bomber jackets. Who’s with us? We love this hot mom’s airport style in an oversized bomber jacket and a cute baseball cap. This outfit screams comfortable but put together for a day of flying. Want to upgrade that cut-off shorts and black bodysuit outfit for nighttime? Throw on a satin bomber jacket and over the knee boots to hit the bars. Add a black choker for the final touch. 



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