Going Back to School: Vlogger Fiercely Tasha Style

Ready to take the school year with full fierce?! Tasha Farsaci (known as @fiercelytasha!) is teaching us on how to go back to school, west coast style. Take a look at what she has to say about going back to school and her favorite pieces. Don’t forget to check out her youtube channel with lots of hauls, lookbooks, and how to survive college for inspiration all year-round!

Fiercely Tasha Back to School Style

Tasha in the Red Floral Romper

Go To School Outfit: Ripped skinny jeans and some sort of loose top. Oh, and rompers! I noticed I wear a lot of those 🙂

Go to Study Snacks: Cookie butter, popcorn, fruit

Fiercely Tasha Back To School Style

Tasha in Hazy Dyed Romper

Study Playlist: Boss by Disclosure

Fiercely Tasha in Bomber Jacket

Tasha in the Floral Embroidery Reversible Jacket

What are you looking forward to the most this school year? Meeting new people!  I’m starting as a transfer student at USC and I can’t wait to start fresh.

Tasha’s Back To School Picks:

From 2020AVE – 2020AVE Blog Read more here http://ift.tt/2brPfAs


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