Going Back to School: Vlogger Michelle Reed Style

School is now back in session and we decided to have one of our favorites, Michelle Reed, teach us how to conquer this school year in style. Get to know Michelle a little better with these back to school questions and style picks. Don’t forget to watch her youtube channel to get the best outfit inspiration all year round!

Michelle Reed Back To School Style

Michelle Reed in the Comfy Culotte Jumpsuit

Go To School Outfit: Oversized T-Shirt dress & my all white high-top Converse

Go to Study Snacks: Apple slices + peanut butter 🙂 

Michelle Reed in Lace-Up Top

Michelle Reed in Lace Back Oversized Tee Dress

Study Playlist: Cage the Elephant, The Lumineers, Max Frost, & HONNE. My current favorite song is “Alive” by Khai! 

Michelle Reed Back To School Style

Michelle Reed in Open Front 3/4 Jacket

What are you looking forward to the most this school year? New beginnings! I begin my freshman year of college + a new chapter of my life in NYC, so I can’t wait to start fresh and meet new people. 

Michelle’s Back To School Picks:

From 2020AVE – 2020AVE Blog Read more here http://ift.tt/2bW7KyO


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