Get the Look: 3 Trends Kendall Can’t Live Without

Happy 21st birthday, Kendall!

No matter what this Jenner has planned out, we’re sure she’ll be celebrating her birthday in some serious style. As major fans of her outfits this year, we’ve gotten it down to 3 of our favorite trends we’ve seen on Kendall and can’t help but steal!

The Slip Dress

kendall jenner - slip dress
While the slip dress has made a strong mark this year, we especially love it since its classic silhouette is perfect for any occasion. Kendall opted to wear this trend out in different textures and prints and does it so effortlessly. Pairing these different slips with a pair of boots can instantly give it a casual yet trendy feel. Perfect from day to night, and straight into the holidays!

The Jumpsuit

kendall - jumpsuit

There’s no doubt that Kendall loves her jumpsuits and looks amazing in them. We still can’t get over Kendall’s outfit she wore last year for her 20th birthday! She slayed in a plunging mesh contrast jumpsuit (top right photo) and paired it with simple open toe heels, a waist belt, and a bold red lip. When it comes to jumpsuits, this Jenner is not afraid of those mesh details and cut-outs, and they work perfectly on her.

The Wide Leg Pants

kendall - wide leg pants

For a girl who’s always on-the-go, we totally get why we’ve spotted Kendall out sporting wide leg pants on multiple occasions. They’re not only flattering for her long legs but they also give her that comfort and leg space she needs to get from place to place. Dressed up or down, these pants never looked so good.

For more outfit inspiration, click on our Pinterest board below!

Cheers, Kendall! Happy 21st!

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