Get the Look: Gigi & Kendall’s Airport Fashion

Airport terminals are known for catching some of Holllywood’s best off-duty looks. With the holidays around the corner, we took tips from our favorite model duo, Kendall and Gigi!


A simple airport look goes a long way and from sweats to heels, Gigi Hadid definitely nailed it. She went with the athleisure trend, wearing a black crop top, sporty joggers, a denim jacket, and black pumps that show off her long model legs. The outfit itself is paparazzi ready, and perfect for sitting on a plane for hours. Remember, comfort is everything. 

To the Neck Cropped Tank

To the Neck Cropped Tank $11

Satin Contrast Pants

Satin Contrast Pants $46

Classic Blue Denim Jacket

Classic Blue Denim Jacket $42

Super Destroyed Denim Jacket

Super Destroyed Denim Jacket $69

Shiny Metallic Pumps

Shiny Metallic Pumps $26



For the quick plane rides, it’s ok to travel with a more stylish outfit. Still keep in mind comfort is key. Gigi shows off her clean airport look by stepping out in a pair of black leggings with a loose turtleneck sweater. She threw on a structured leather jacket with pointy booties to pull the simple look together. Gigi mastered creating an efficient, yet fashionable airport outfit: comfortable on the inside and structured on the outside.  

Cozy Oversized Sweater Top

Cozy Oversized Sweater Top $41

Zipped Up Leather Jacket

Zipped Up Leather Jacket $46

Super Soft Suede Leggings

Super Soft Suede Leggings $31

Classic Heel Boots

Classic Heel Boots $34

Quilted Chevron Envelope Clutch

Quilted Chevron Envelope Clutch $31



Kendall is a little more adventurous when it comes to her airport fashion choices compared to Gigi. She was seen leaving London in a lacey bralette layered over a basic white cropped tee, and a pair of jeans. She loves mixing her basics with cool statement pieces, like tossing on this oversized printed kimono over this more simple outfit, pairing it with patent ankle booties. Nothing can stop this fashionista from wearing what she wants–not even a plane ride.


Layer of Lace Cropped Tee

Layer of Lace Cropped Tee $36

Buttoned High Waisted Jeans

Buttoned High Waisted Jeans $43

Chiffon Open Cardigan

Chiffon Open Cardigan $39

Floral Paisley Kimono Cardigan

Floral Paisley Kimono Cardigan $26

Classic Leather Ankle Booties

Classic Leather Ankle Booties $32


On-duty or off-duty, Kendall knows how to make an all black outfit look #goalsA bodysuit may not be the most practical choice for a plane ride for most people, but not for this model. Kendall finished off her easy outfit by accessorizing it with a bold statement choker.  An effortless way to pick out a quick outfit, just in case you’re running late to the airport.  

Basic V-Neck Bodysuit

Basic V-Neck Bodysuit $32

Knitted Deep V Bodysuit

Knitted Deep V Bodysuit $26

Classic Black Denim Jeans

Classic Black Denim Jeans $36

Full of Leaves Statement Choker

Full of Leaves Statement Choker $17

City Leather Boots

City Leather Boots $42

With the holidays coming up, make the airport your runway. Strut your jet-setting travel outfits, whether you’re in sweats or heels. 

Tell us which look is your favorite.

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