How to Style Puffy Jackets

When it’s so cold and all you want to do is throw on your puffy jacket without looking like a marshmallow. We feel you. Puffy jackets are made for the cold but aren’t always flattering to your outfit. Here are a few ways you can balance out the puffiness of your jacket with style.

Go Lightweight.

Do a lightweight puffy jacket, like a bomber or vest, when you’re quick and on-the-go. It still gives you the warmth you need, without taking over your body. 
Throw it over your gym attire like Jessica Biel in a light puffy vest or go simple like Kendall Jenner with her on-the-go look. 

The layering formula.


We all know that feeling of layering way too much and our arms not being able to move. Master this layering tip from model/actress, Cara Delevigne, who double layers on coats so effortlessly. Take on this tip by slinging your jacket over your already base outfit to give you that extra warmth while avoiding stiff arms. 

Go big and/or go bright.

Our girl, Riri, went big and bright, showing the world that puffy jackets can be a statement piece of their own. Let the jacket be the main focus of the outfit by pairing it with something a little more simple, like with an oversized graphic tee or slip dress. Then, bring the look together with either a thin ankle strapped heel or a lace-up ankle bootie to give a more balanced look.

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