Feature: Girls’ Night Out (Anti-Vday)


The club promoters will probably be spamming your inbox soon. Normally you might ignore or delete those emails, but it’s time to round up the girls, dress up, and go out. V-day is just another Tuesday, but the weekend will be spilling with events. So, treat yourself to new looks that you can take straight to the dance floor. Choose from our collection of little black dressesstrappy bralettes, crop tops, and more for your #GNO. Make the look your own by adding a bold necklace!

Shop the look:

Chained Leather Choker

Chained Leather Choker $21

Woven Button Up Shirt

Woven Button Up Shirt $32

Lace-Up Leather Shorts

Lace-Up Leather Shorts $32

The Mesh Bralette

The Mesh Bralette $24

Drawstring Heeled Booties

Drawstring Heeled Booties $32



Shop the look:

Lace-Up Chain Choker

Lace-Up Chain Choker $14

Lovin' Lace Bralette

Lovin’ Lace Bralette $9

Caught Slippin' Dress

Caught Slippin’ Dress $36

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights $3

Pointy Toe Stiletto Boots

Pointy Toe Stiletto Boots $49


Which look would you wear this V-day? Comment below!

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Need a date night look?

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From 2020AVE – 2020AVE Blog Read more here http://ift.tt/2jgpIiM


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