3 Times Kate Moss Nailed It

Fashion icon, Kate Moss, is officially turning 43 today! Known for her iconic style in the 90s, we can’t help but to reminisce and take tips from our favorite model muse of all time. Here are 3 looks Kate Moss nailed in her earlier days and what you can try out today.

Slip Dresses


When we think slip dress, we think Kate Moss. She’s worn them short, long, see-through, dressy, and/or casual. With the slip dress making a huge comeback, we’re taking major styling tips from the queen. We love the way she paired it in the picture above with a classic denim jacket and a pair of tights. An easy look for a more low-key bar type of night.

Shop the outfit:

1. String Me Along Slip Dress $36
2. Fishnet Tights $3
3. Mini Beaded Choker $12
4. Lightly Frayed Denim Jacket $34 





Satin Blouses




Satin blouses are a must for any girl boss and an easy styling piece to take from work into happy hour. Kate Moss masters her day to night look by tucking in her satin blouse with black pants and a belt to show off her gorgeous frame. A quick tip? Keep it business during the day, buttoned all the way up, then undo a few buttons at night for after work drinks.

Shop the outfit:






Black on Black



What’s Kate’s go-to color scheme? Black on black, of course. Kate Moss, known for her rocker chic style, went for a leather skirt with a mesh tank for this look and layered on a light camel coat for a subtle contrast. Doesn’t matter if you’re going for casual or dressy, black works for all occasions. So next time you feel like you have nothing to wear just go all black everything.


Shop the look:
1. Romantic Floral Mesh Bodysuit $36
2. Side Lace-Up Leather Skirt $31
3. Buttoned Trench Jacket $76
4. Buckle Down Peep Toe Heels $31



Which look is your favorite?

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