Style: 4 Times North West Dressed Better Than Us

Happy 4th birthday, North!

Who knew we’d be taking styling tips from a cute little toddler? But, if there’s any kid we’d take fashion tips from, we choose KimYe’s little baby North West–She is basically our closet goals. 🙌🏼  Scroll down to see how you can steal her looks and pretend KimYe is your mom and dad.

The Velvet Slip Dress

north west in a velvet slip dress

Get the look:
1. Crushed in Velvet Slip Dress, $21.99 (on sale)
2. On the Go Tank, $16
3. Shaggy Fur Sandals, $23
4. Ring Around Cap, $14

Total Look: $74.99

The Patched Denim Jacket

north west jean jacket

Get the look:
1. Oversized Patched Denim Jacket, $34.99 (on sale)
2. Silky Crochet Shorts, $21
3. Romantic Lacey Crop Top, $16

Total Look: $71.99


north west in a gold slip dress

Get the look:
1. String Me Along Slip Dress, $28.99 (on sale)
2. White Out Sneakers, $24
3. Leather Chevron Crossbody Purse, $26
4. Simple Velvet Choker, $6

Total Look: $84.99

Touch of Pink

North West in pink sneakers

Get the look:
1. Cut Out Distressed Tee, $21
2. Cuffed Destroyed Denim Shorts, $34
3. Zipped Up Leather Jacket, $72
4. Slip into Satin Sneakers, $18

Total Look: $145


Tell us which look is your favorite in the comments below!

North West outfits

From 2020AVE – 2020AVE Blog Read more here


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