Feature: Summer Nights

summer nights lookbook

Summer nights are for going out, not staying in.

There’s nothing like going out on a summer night. And, you know you have to go out when that outfit is #onfleek. Scroll down below for our new favorite summer night looks of crop tops, skirts, cool mini dresses, and sporty wide leg track pants! You might want to start planning the weekend and call the girls because these looks are made to be worn outside.

1. THE LITTLE BLACK DRESSgno party dress

Get the look:
Dress: GNO Party Dress, $28
Jacket: Sporty Striped Bomber Jacket, $39
Tights: Bedazzled Me Jeweled Tights, $18
Sunglasses: Vintage Squared in Sunglasses, $16
Shoes: Illuminating Metallic Boots, $34

Shiny Metal Wrapped Necklace, $12
Dangling Safety Pin Earrings, $7

Shop Little Black Dresses:

Ultimate Lace-Up Dress

Ultimate Lace-Up Dress $36

Have a Hold On Me Keyhole Dress

Have a Hold On Me Keyhole Dress $22

Little Cross Back Dress

Little Cross Back Dress $23



daring red striped pants

Get the look:
Top: Nights Out Corset Top, $31
Pants: Daring Red Striped Pants, $36
Bag: Such a Stud Bag, $29
Shoes: Nightfall Denim Heels, $34

Chained Leather Choker, $21
Chained Hoop Necklace, $12

Shop Wide Leg Pants:

Sporty Striped Pants

Sporty Striped Pants $29

Vibrant Track Pants

Vibrant Track Pants $29

Breezy Striped Pants

Breezy Striped Pants $26



ruched mesh top and ruched mesh skirt

Get the look:
Top: Ruched Mesh Crop Top, $12
Skirt: Ruched Mesh Skirt, $19
Jacket: Slightly Torn Denim Jacket, $41
Sunglasses: Jetsetter Reflective Aviators, $12
Shoes: Point Clearly Heels, $34

Loop Around Beaded Choker, $11
Minimal Chained Anklet, $6

Shop Matching Sets:

Side Mesh Lace-Up Pants

Side Mesh Lace-Up Pants $26

Lace-Up Racerback Crop Top

Lace-Up Racerback Crop Top $18

Ribbed Knit Lace-Up Skirt

Ribbed Knit Lace-Up Skirt $22

Ribbed Knit Crop Top

Ribbed Knit Crop Top $18


sheer nights out bodysuit

Get the look:
Top: Sheer Nights Out Bodysuit, $21
Skirt: Double the Trouble Skirt, $33
Bralette: Lace Triangle Bralette, $12
Shoes: To the Point Boots, $34

Mini Diamond Hoop Earrings, $8

 Shop Sheer:

L/S Mesh Crop Top

L/S Mesh Crop Top $12

Fade to Black Skirt

Fade to Black Skirt $11

Breeze Through Mesh Bodysuit

Breeze Through Mesh Bodysuit $17

shop summer nights▸

From 2020AVE – 2020AVE Blog Read more here http://ift.tt/2tR1EeI


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